River Heights

Last Updated: Thursday November 21st, 2019 11:00 AM EST

Stage Color Key
No Flooding Near Flood Minor Flooding Mod Flooding Major Flooding Obs > 24hrs

Location HeightTrendForecastStatus
Scioto River at LaRue (LARO1) 1.74ft Falling at 0.02 ft/hr  Normal
Olentangy River at Claridon (CRDO1) 1.59ft No change in last hour  Normal
Scioto River at Prospect (PRGO1) 1.36ft No change in last hour  Normal
Sandusky River at Bucyrus (BCYO1) 0.88ft Falling at 0.01 ft/hr  Normal
Whetstone Creek at Mt. Gilead (MNGO1) 2.22ft No change in last hour  Normal

Data Courtesy of the Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service
Script Courtesy of Dennis at East Masonville Weather